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Eagle Scouts

Eagle Scout Badge

“Scouts of all nations make up one of the most wholesome and significant movements in the world’s history. You have been judged by the Boy Scouts of America as being worthy of this honor. All who know you rejoice in your achievement. This award, as you will know, is one of honor and responsibility. You are a marked man. As an Eagle Scout, you have assumed a solemn obligation to do your duty to God, to Country, to your fellow Scouts, and to mankind in general.”

Below are all the scouts from Troop 888 that have achieved this highest rank in Scouting.

ScoutDate Earned
Spencer Borghardt08/04/2022
Diego Bower Bonvino05/03/2022
Thomas Steger05/03/2022
Jacob Gaio02/24/2022
Thomas Monahan09/23/2021
Matthew Lang03/01/2021
Christian Spreizer03/01/2021
Michael Schroeder12/08/2020
Jack Haggerty11/25/2020
Nicholas Caporale11/11/2020
Ryan Donohue08/12/2020
Brian O’Reilly01/30/2020
Eric Johansson06/28/2019
Donald Noviello06/05/2018
Matthew Garcett05/17/2018
Christopher Golden04/11/2018
Matthew Kalinsky12/14/2017
Brian Monahan12/07/2017
Jared Paolillo12/07/2017
Kevin Caunter11/15/2017
Sean Bishop08/22/2017
Alexander Felice05/10/2017
Gunnar Johansson03/13/2017
Alexander Caporale03/08/2017
Nicholas Sanders03/08/2017
Kevin Carlsen01/11/2017
Michael Paolillo11/18/2015
Brandon Felice12/03/2014
Quinn Sengstaken05/21/2014
Antonio Perciavalle03/05/2014
Daniel Darsillo09/11/2013
Salvatore Guardino10/17/2012
Casey Sengstaken06/27/2012
Timothy Broome06/06/2012
Kevin Rooney03/23/2010
Matthew Mascia09/14/2009
Nicholas Pacinello05/06/2009
Gary Laudicina09/23/2005
John Rabal03/28/2005
Eric Ciardullo11/13/2003
John Ottosen02/11/2003
Steven Schraner01/22/2003
Timothy Martins08/05/2002
Christopher Marshall02/13/2002
Brian Cutino03/05/2001
Michael Rocker03/08/2000
John Martins02/22/2000
William Adler09/07/1999
Thomas Hamilton03/26/1997
James Adler02/05/1997
James Rocker03/13/1995
Brian Debenedittis08/27/1992
Joseph Shea08/27/1992
John Halloran12/04/1991
Anthony Mercado08/21/1991
Michael Galgano05/22/1991
Jeffrey Krautheimer05/22/1991
Kiernan May02/13/1991
Thomas Holt02/12/1991
Brien Wadsworth02/12/1991
Michael Debenedittis04/26/1990
Sean Flynn03/08/1990
Daniel Krautheimer04/11/1989
Louis Debenedittis09/08/1987
Michael Esposito06/11/1987
Craig Schwartz05/16/1985
Anthony Ceraolo05/17/1984
Anthony Melomo11/02/1983
Julio Henriques04/06/1983
Christopher Esposito10/07/1982
John Henriques11/12/1981
Michael Kraus11/19/1980
Salvatore Ceraolo07/01/1976
Frank Nolan07/01/1976
Robert Goulet06/01/1976
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